Revolutionary Treatment

The new inhalable and nebulizable pharmaceutical form of ibuprofen.



Revolutionary Treatment

The new inhalable and nebulizable pharmaceutical form of ibuprofen.

New pharmaceutical form of ibuprofen for the treatment of pulmonary conditions

Luarprofen® is a new pharmaceutical form of ibuprofen, inhalable and nebulizable. Its therapeutic action would be destined to the potential treatment of pulmonary affections.

This is a joint development between the public and private sectors: scientists from the Center of Excellence in Products and Processes Córdoba (CEPROCOR) and Química Luar. Both institutions have been working together for more than 20 years. Some of the products developed by its teams are available on the market (including Covadenil), and all have a degree of innovation that has involved years of work.

Luarprofeno® and cystic fibrosis

The initial project for Luarprofeno® arose in the context of work for cystic fibrosis, about seven years ago. At that time, the objective was to address the problems of infections and inflammation suffered by fibrosis patients in their airways. Química Luar continues to work on clinical research in order to soon have a drug that improves the quality of life of patients.

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Luarprofeno® and COVID-19

The main proven therapeutic action of ibuprofen is anti-inflammatory. The SARS-CoV-2 virus generates an inflammatory process that reduces the lung’s ability to absorb oxygen, leading to a loss of respiratory capacity. This led the research team to believe that Luarprofeno® could be used to treat patients with coronavirus pneumonia.

The use of Luarprofeno® as compassionate treatment in COVID-19 patients, approved by the Ministry of Health of Córdoba, provided encouraging results in patients in the inflammatory phase, produced by SARS-CoV-2, preventing the level of deterioration in which it becomes necessary to resort to invasive mechanical ventilation (ARMI).

These preliminary results were verified in a larger number of patients who started receiving the treatment, after obtaining the corresponding approvals for compassionate use in other provinces. For this reason, medical professionals call Luarprofeno®: RESCUE TREATMENT, because it would prevent progression to respirator (ARMI) of patients.

Química Luar has requested the evaluation and subsequent authorization from ANMAT authorities to conduct a Phase 2 clinical trial to verify the scientific validity of these initial observations.

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